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Der Survival-Guide für psychosoziale Berufe

Nadine Seiler & Denis Judge
1st edition 2013
approx. 115 pages, Kindle ebook
ISBN: 978-0-9571582-6-9







The survival guide English - German covers a wide range of topics relevant to psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and other professionals within the health and social care sectors. The survival guide is particularly useful for those who wish to...

  • find the right words when using counselling and therapeutic methods and tools
  • work across languages; and
  • prepare for study and work abroad

The ebook can be used on Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac.



  • Over 500 entries and example sentences in each language
  • Example sentences for all the main terms
  • Contains contemporary English and German language use as spoken by native speakers with professional backgrounds in psychology, psychotherapy, social work and social care.



  • English communication in psychosocial contexts - The foundations: expressing wishes and requests; acknowledgement and approval; objections and disapproval; describing cause and effect; processes and changes and many more topics

  • Stages in the intervention process: areas of assessment; ground rules and contract

  • Professional interviewing and counselling skills: crisis management; paraphrasing and reflecting, clarifying questions, concreteness, challenging and confronting; psycho-educational, behavioural and cognitive behavioural strategies


Reviews for the comprehensive language guide

'For all those who wish to use the English language with virtuosity and precision whilst working in a social care or counselling setting. This language guide will be of great interest to academics and practitioners alike.'
- Jan G. Thivissen, Master of Science in Social Work, Lecturer at the University of Niederrhein

'What a wonderful resource for our social work students! I am truly impressed!'
- Dagmar Preiss-Allesch, Head of the International Office, EHB University Berlin

'People often ask "Why do we still need reference works, if everything can be looked up on the internet?" This book is a good example that shows that not everything can be found on the internet.'
- Wolfgang Dohrmann, Language Book Author, socialnet.de

'With this publication the helping professions have finally found a reliable source to support them in learning the English language and applying it in their professional practice.'
- Prof. Fritz Gründger, in: Soziale Arbeit, Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen (DZI)

'I would recommend this guide to any professional preparing to work in a health or social care setting in an English-speaking country.'
- Conny Fricke, Social Worker and Social Pedagogue, Transform Housing and Support, London

'This language guide has become part of my day-to-day practice.'
- Johannes Holz, Systemic Counsellor and Supervisor, Berlin

'Attempting to make accessible to the German reader the nuances and style of a language as delicate as English within care and therapeutic settings could be an almost impossible feat. I am truly amazed at the detail the authors have gone to in categorizing a range of settings, contexts and possible conversations...The presentation is very clear and easy to follow. A beautifully executed piece of work!'
- Susie Hayward, Psychotherapist und Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London

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