miniature animalsMiniature Animals

Includes 24 animal figurines in a soft cotton bag

Nadine Seiler
Product weight including packaging: approx. 200g
Avarage size of the animals: 5cm x 1cm x 3cm
Material of the animals: plastic
Not suitable for children under 5 years old

Set includes 24 animal figurines in a soft cotton bag
and a 75-page full colour guide.





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Aimed at psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists, these animals offers a creative way of conducting assessment and therapy sessions with children and adults. The approach helps clients to express themselves and gain new experiences through physical play and imagination whilst making use of a range of senses including hearing, sight, touch and motion.

The miniature animals are ideal to help children and adults:

  • enhance self-awareness
  • explore contradictory feelings
  • gain insights into relationship dynamics
  • recognise strengths and weaknesses within their networks
  • experiment with new behaviours
  • develop problem-solving skills.

Please note this product does not include the guide book!


  • Benefits of using the miniature animals
  • How the miniature animals work
  • Ideas to help develop a dialogue
  • Creative activities
  • Example scenarios in practice

The cotton sack containing the animals is lightweight and fits into every handbag.

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